I just finished reading Basilisk…

Sigh… I read 33 chapters of this in two or three hours tonight [the first chapter I read a week ago]. I just don’t know how to put into words how I felt about this. It wasn’t perfect, but it was very good. It’s just that the way it ends, no matter how good it was, it can’t leave you with a good feeling…

I only watched a few episodes of the anime, and it was almost exactly the same up to the point I stopped. But I heard it ends differently, or something. Maybe I’ll finish that sometime. The only thing I liked better, so far, was how it showed Ogen and whatshisface’s past, that was sad. :T Otherwise, it just doesn’t really seem worth watching since it was so close to the manga. Oh well.

9/10. It lost a point because of all the almostrape. xD [not really, I guess I’m just bitter about the ending. It was sad, but quick. So, it didn’t really let me feel everything that I thought I should.]

Maybe I’ll write more on this later… Probably not though. I recommend it definitely, if you enjoy manga.



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